Latest Tech News – 8 November

by Tiago

Manhunt 2

  • Manhunt 2 won’t be available at Target

Remember the “violent” game that I mentioned in the Tech News of last week? Well, the Mature rating given to Manhunt 2 has presented its results, which equals to the game not being available at Target stores.

But the main reason to ban the game from Target isn’t the violence and M rating, otherwise there were plenty of other games not available at the retail store, the crucial point is actually related to the hack that can be made in order to see censored scenes. I guess that Rockstar didn’t learn the lesson from GTA San Andreas, which also had hidden content that was discovered after the game being sold to 145,542 teens.

  • Google Chinese version – one of the shortest domains in the world

Google has recently presented its new domain for the Chinese market, and it might look impossible, but it is a one letter domain followed by the Chinese extension –

They already have, but this addition is most probably a good bet, and will help them improve from the 14% share of users base that Google currently has in China.

  • British people send over 1 billion SMS per week

According to the fresh numbers provided by the Mobile Data Association, the British people are crazy about text messaging, and at this time they are sending more than 1 million SMS per week.

Additional information:

– during the whole year of 1999, the number of text messages sent was 1 billion. Right now the British can get that number in one week. From 365 days to 7 days, amazing!

– on September, there were 4,000 text messages sent every second, also impressive!

Sources – TRF, CNet, BBC

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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