I say Zipit, Zipit Good!

by Mark R


I believe I may have mentioned in a Spy Gear Eye Link Communicators X2 article about a toy that allows two kids to text message each other. Considering we are teaching the young to text message before they can even write, it appears text messaging is here to stay, and will only get bigger. The same thing is true about Instant Messaging.

I suppose that is why there is the Zipit. The Zipit isn’t a song by Devo or something Dr. Evil keeps saying to his son. Instead, this is a handheld device that allows the user to instant message others without a computer.
The Zipit flips open like a cell phone and supports MSN, AOL, as well Yahoo Messenger. The best thing about it is that there are no monthly subscription fees. Other features of the Zipit include a miniSD card slot, which allows the user to get pictures and music. The user also has the option of streaming tunes directly from the Internet.

I have to admit that I believe the Zipit has some serious implications. Although I don’t understand what would keep a user from not doing Instant Messaging on their cellular phone, I can understand that some cell phone users don’t have that option of using IM. Perhaps the $150 pricetag is worth the cost in the light of an IM service. Maybe users are also sick of the whole non-QWERTY keyboard thing on their cells.

Anyway, I could easily see a world where everyone has a Zipit and is constantly IM and texting one another. If you want to get on the train, you can get the Zipit for about sometime before December.

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