Label Printer Mouse – A good idea gone wrong


Label Printer Mouse

A quick glance around my office will tell you that I have a lot of gadgets. I’m really not sure how it happened, as it seems like not that long ago I had so few. I suppose that over time I’ve discovered that I rely on technology more than I’d care to admit. It’s only natural that I go out of my way to find convergence products that allow me to consolidate my ever-growing collection of gadgets. While there are a lot of good products that fit into that category, there are an abundance of poorly-designed ones. With that said, I give you the Label Printer Mouse.

This product seems like it would be cool enough. Everyone has a mouse, and many people use label makers. Unfortunately, when you combine the two, you get a product that doesn’t blend in with the rest of your peripherals, but rather looks like an old mouse mated with a Casio label maker. I say old mouse because it still uses a ball to track movement rather than an optical sensor. I’m sure that this seemed like a good idea at the time guys, but it never should have made it past the design phase. If you must have this, you’ll be expected to pay $29 for the mouse/label maker, and every set of 3 50mm long labels will run you $14.

Source: Everything USB

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