Renegade Gaming Chair – Lights, rumble, action!


Renegade Gaming Chair
When one sits down to play their favorite console game, they can’t just sit in any old spot right? You have to have that one specific spot where you always sit. It’s a proven fact (I think) that if you sit somewhere that’s not comfortable, or not your usual spot, that it will throw off your game. Obviously, in order to maximize your full gaming potential, you need to have a gaming chair. Sure, they have those cheap ones that you can find anywhere that sit on the floor and rock, but if you want a real gaming chair, the Renegade is the one for you.

The Renegade offers some of the same features that you’d expect from a gaming chair such as speakers mounted on the headrest and a rumbling sensation that syncs up with the game you’re playing. However, this chair takes things a little further. First, it reclines for maximum comfort. It also has ground-effect lighting that is also synced up with the game. My favorite feature? The vibrating massage, because we all know that after a hard day of fragging, all you really need is a good massage from a chair. You can pick up the Renegade Gaming Chair for around £225.00.

Source: Red Ferret

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