Zero Gravity: Don’t let your stuff float away

by Mark R

zero_gravity.jpgI think all of us would enjoy living in Zero Gravity. After all, who wouldn’t want to let themselves float now and then? Zero Gravity is clearly one of the perks of becoming an astronaut.

Of course, there is a downside to it. You can’t set anything on the counter anymore, or else it will just float away. This eventually leads to stuff floating all over the place, creating an atmosphere where you’re losing everything.

Ironically, a product called Zero Gravity is designed so that you don’t lose your important possessions like your remote, keys, wallet, or anything else that ends up getting lost all the time. It is a very simple concept of a coiled cable that attaches to your ceiling and keeps the item in a safe and secure place all the time.

The cable can stretch up to 5 meters, but I am not certain how far you really want it to stretch. After all, I would prefer pulling my remote back down and then having it retract to the ceiling, but I’m not certain that is a job the Zero Gravity can handle. I am guessing that it doesn’t work like a tape measure, where it always retracts perfectly.

Still, I could totally see a house with Zero Gravity things installed everywhere. Considering that I have four remotes for the stereo, VCR, DVD Player, and actual Television, the Zero Gravity would at last keep them in one place. Of course, it would like I live in a place where stuff is floating all the time.

Source: OhGizmo!

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