The Bog Monster

by Carolyn

Bog Monster
Tired of the same toilet pranks? What On Earth has a product guaranteed to disturb and frighten guests to your bathroom.

The Bog Monster is a gruesome green latex rubber monster (that bears a striking resemblance to the character Slimer from the Ghostbusters movie) that attaches to the underside of your toilet seat and lid with suction cups. When the lid is closed, you can’t see the Bog Monster, but when someone lifts the lid, Boggy comes out to play!

Great for that Halloween Party or anytime you want to scare the beejebus out of someone!

Personally, I would buy it to complete my perfect my Dr. Peter Venkman costume. Can you imagine the costume possibilities?

The Bog Monster sells for $16.95 and is 14″H x 12.5″W.

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