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I’ve never mastered the art of skateboarding. In fact, I’ve never managed to stay on one for more than a couple of minutes. Even then all I could do was just keep it going in a straight line. Sure, with some time and practice I could probably ride one, but there are plenty of other things I’d rather spend my time doing. However, if you want to look cool riding on your skateboard without all of the practice, there is a way, and the Skatemaster Electric Skateboard is your ticket.

By now I’m sure that you’ve guessed that this particular skateboard has a small motor inside of it. The motor is controlled by a small remote which you can use to adjust the speed. You still steer like you would on a normal skateboard, by leaning side-to-side. This means that just about anyone can hop on and glide around town with little to no effort. Even I have to admit that it sounds pretty cool.

The battery has a life of about two hours, which should get you to the other end of town and back. I would highly suggest making it back home before running the battery down completely as I’m going to guess that it’s harder to use than a real skateboard when the motor isn’t working. Be warned, the price of looking cool while being lazy is a bit steep. The Skatemaster Electric Skateboard will set you back £139.99.

Source: Red Ferret

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Kyle Mansfield Says: May 30, 2008 at 12:42 am

Get a Board with at least a 400watt motor. Don’t waste your $ on a small cheapie. Spend the $ you will be happy you did as these are amazing! Either Exkate/Altered Boards or a E-Glide and catch some clean pavement with protection on and Enjoy! You will Love it…Peace and Love from California Skater Kyle Mansfield.You can read what I have to say about them at my little posting at and I will continue to ride and share with care what the Best ones to ride are….nuff said.

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