Mighty Brighty coat of paint brightens up images


mighty-brighty.jpgThose who have ditched the TV in favor of an LCD projector to cater to their home movie needs will definitely realize that having a good projector screen is essential when it comes to enjoying said shows. Mighty Brighty has a solution in the form of a new and unique concept to create the perfect projection screen on the wall itself – all you need to do is give your wall a new coat of paint and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about the screen size as the wall (assuming it is big enough in the first place) will be able to show exactly the right format – be it 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

Since you always get the right screen surface every time regardless of the type of projector, its position or amount of light that floods the room, you are guaranteed of a perfect picture almost every time. Since it is invisible whenever your projector is not in use, there is no need to roll it up once you’re done with your movie session. While there are people who still project straight onto an untreated white wall, a coat of Mighty Brighty makes a whole world of difference without having you fork out a fortune to pick up a projector screen that could possible cost almost as much as the projector itself. Not only that, applying a single coat is surely much easier to do compared to setting up a projector screen in addition to storage solutions.

Each Mighty Brighty purchase comes with:

• 2.3 litres BaseCoat
• 0.2 litre ContrastBooster for BaseCoat
• 1.8 litres TopCoat
• 0.2 litre BrightnessBooster for TopCoat
• 0.4 litre MagneCoat
• 10 metres / 32.8 ft. of MagneBorder (width 7.7 cm / 3.0”)
• Also includes all necessary tools

Which would you settle for – the Mighty Brighty or a regular projector screen?

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