Freaky Body Illusions



The Freaky Body Illusions are the perfect Halloween toy, as it comes with a wide range of different body parts to help you increase the scare factor when you go trick or treating. Once you master these illusions, be sure that even the most logically inclined person will scratch their head, wondering how exactly you achieved those illusions. Some of these include:

The Living Hand: Looks like you’re carrying a moving severed hand. Amazing!

The Torn Arm: As above but even gorier!

The Head Twister: You can twist your head, Exorcist-styley, 360°.

Brain Flossing: You can ‘floss’ your brain via your lugholes. Urgh!

Body Levitation: You can actually float above the ground. Gobsmacking!

Bone Cruncher: Sounds like you can break and crack your bones. Ouch!

The Freaky Body Illusion package retails for £34.95.

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