Sony slashes prices on PS 3 … still too expensive

by James

PS 3 40gb

Sony has announced it is discontinuing the 60GB PS3 which went for $499, and instead is releasing a smaller 40GB model to sell for one hundred dollars less ($399). The 80GB model has also cut it’s price by a hundred bucks ($499). Still too expensive for my taste. The move is to position the PS3 to compete with both the Xbox and Wii which have price points of $350 and $250 respectively. Granted, the PS3’s High Definition graphics are amazing. But what has been it’s killing point is the price, which arguably includes a Blu-ray DVD drive – which alone can eat up it’s price tag. But here’s lies the rub …

… the new 40GB PlayStation 3 will NOT be backwards compatible. The hell? That means that users who have spent the last few years mastering all those PS2 games will have to keep their old PS2 unit if they want to take a gaming walk down memory lane. Sony claims this is because the new PS3 has a ton of games available now so there’s no need to be backwards compatible – hence the exclusion of software emulation or the Emotion Engine chip to force users to buy more PS3 games. So, let’s get this straight … you want PS2 users to forsake their gaming platforms, and spend four hundred dollars for the upgrade and they can’t play their old games? Certainly motivates me … not.

The PS3 goes on sale November 2nd.

Source: Yahoo news

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Correction Says: October 18, 2007 at 11:56 am

You might want to spend a few minutes on fact checking. It isn’t a firmware tweak, they’ve removed a chip that allows the backwards compatibility to work, ergo a cost savings.

Philscbx Says: October 21, 2007 at 1:10 am

Man, that’s a bad idea Sony. Sure it looks beautiful.
I’m not giving up my Fighting Force II for nothing.
All my acquired 1100 hp cars on Gran Turismo, No freaking Way!
I spent all my life getting there. I have injury to prove it.
I can still kick anyone’s butt, even if I’m 55.
I better ebay a few back up Ps2’s just to be safe.

ed Says: February 5, 2008 at 12:45 pm

i dont know, i have the 60 gig with b/w compatibility but thats not a big deal to me. i want next gen gaming! if i was happy playing ps2 games, id of saved my money and stayed with my ps2. i sold all my ps2 games along with my ps2 when buying the ps3. as far as price is concerned, for an extra $50, you get a blue ray player worth $400 alone, a web browser and a quality machine that runs QUIETLY and wont break down. people always find something to complain about. i think the ps3 is a fantastic deal. 2008 is the year ps3 slays xbox 360 !!

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