Lifesize Office Warrior Weapons


office_weapons.jpgForget the corporate boardroom meeting the next time you want to settle an issue with your colleagues or immediate superior. After all, you might as well put the Lifesize Office Warrior Weapons to good use.

Each sword, axe, and shield is life size and made of expertly painted foam latex. The sword and axe even have a fiberglass core for extra strength and stability. There is only one goal to these products: full out, full contact, old school, warfare! Sure you could throw a crumpled paper ball at your coworker – or you could strike them about the torso with an axe. The choice, we know, is easy. And you aren’t limited to the office either – these weapons are great for LARPers and for home discipline as well. In the immortal words of King Arthur, “AAAAAaaaa!”

ThinkGeek is selling both sword and axe for $49.99 while the shield costs an additional $10.

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