Latest MP3 Player News: Sharp and Zune

by Tiago

Sharp SP700

  • Sharp announced the SP700 Portable Media Player a couple of months ago, but just recently they actually made it available for all the consumers to purchase. One of the impressive features on the “new” Sharp player is being compatible with plenty of different audio and video file formats, more specifically:

    – video – DivX, MPEG1,2 and 4, Windows Media Video 7, 8, and 9
    – audio – MP3, WAV, WMA

    Additionally, the SP700 can also playback files in the H.264 video format, and on top of all these kind of different formats, the player comes with T-DMB – Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, which means that you can watch TV on the Sharp player, pretty cool, huh?

    Other features on the Sharp SP700 include electronic dictionaries so you can learn a new language or take a look at specific words when you’re in another country on vacations, SD/MMC memory card slots to expand the memory, and a USB host so there is no need to use a computer when you need to transfer data from/to the player. Finally, the player that uses Windows CE 5.0 as the operative system has a price tag of $520 – a bit expensive don’t you think?

  • The last time I mentioned the Zune was to talk about the pink-colored version of the player, but this time there are news about the second generation of the Microsoft player, also known as Zune 2. The shipping date is set for November 13, but in case you want to make the process of buying a Zune a lot easier, just pre-order one at Amazon.

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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