Best Swansong ever belongs to Bungie

by James

Master Chief

Fresh of one of the greatest game openings in history with Halo 3, Bungie Software is officially making it’s break from Microsoft and becoming it’s own company. Originally, Bungie wasn’t even a Microsoft company, having been bought by Take 2 Interactive Software Inc., which Redmond gobbled up after that. And even though Bungie is now it’s own entity again, Microsoft will still own a great deal of the company. Does that mean we’ll soon see Halo for the PS2 (an idea killed by Redmond at the 11th hour)? Not likely. Microsoft still owns the rights to Halo series, and with sales for Halo 3 nearing the $300 million mark, and the Xbox’s fortunes tied directly to it, it’s unlikely that Redmond will gives their competition the key’s to the proverbial kingdom.

Still, the creators of the phenomally popular Halo series could make other games for any platform they wish now that they have complete autonomy from Redmond. How likely that is will be anyone’s guess as the founders of Bungie have said the Xbox platform is their development platform of choice. But the move is designed to make Bungie more fiscially solvent as Bungie will enjoy a greater piece of the profit pie.

So don’t look for Master Chief to be on the PS2 anytime soon.

Source: WaPo

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