A Holo-Vaio for the future?

by James

Vaio Holographic laptop concept

The kids over at Yanko Design have done it again with a design for SONY of a Vaio holographic laptop straight out of the future. The concept design is wrapped around sheets of ultra thin transparent glass which works in a touch screen fashion.

When turned off, the screen becomes transparent again while the keyboard is more opaque. When you turn it on the screen and keyboard come to live holographically. Even the mouse and keyboard consists of holographic touch screens. As a concept, there is no hard data on battery life, benchmark stats, or accessories like hard drives, flash drives, or even motherboard layout. But if the idea has reached a design concept stage, you know someone is working to iron those issues out.

And the idea is a promising one as mobile technology moves to a more solid state way of thinking. Even the latest iPods have started to head toward flash drives instead of hard drives. And LCD & OLED displays have improved to the point where better displays can come while the weight and width of the laptop plummet. Solid state promises to be lighter, use less power, and have fewer moving parts. So it only makes sense that holographic interfaces just would be the next step.

But the issue here is, even though a holographic laptop promises to be very light, can anyone really see a mobile computer wrapped in glass? That’s an accident just waiting to happen.

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