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As some of you may know by now, I do like gadgets which do more than one thing at once and this fits the bill in more ways than one – not only multi-usage but looks decorative too. This is most definitely on my Christmas list – the Toaster Teapot. It may also (possibly) save on energy as you’ll be using one appliance to do the work of two?

Us Brits do need our tea and toast in the morning and what better way than with these cool and pretty teapot toasters. Available in a range of pastel colours which would look really sweet on the kitchen worktop.

Of course, on the practical side (something I appear to be cursed with apparently), when the toast’s done, and you’re ready to pour out the water for your cuppa, do you get toast crumbs in the pot too? Also, if like me you need at least 2 or 3 cups just to get started in the morning, how much does the “kettle” part hold?

Only us eccentric Brit’s could come up with this one I think (I suppose the American version would be coffee and pancakes? – how would that one work?) But for only £29.95 it seems pretty reasonable nonetheless for a kettle and toaster combo.

Thanks to ShinyShiny for this one, and available from The Teapottery.

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