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amazon-ebook-reader.jpgMany kids these days tend to shun books as they definitely aren’t interactive in any sort of way. And what’s this thing about using my imagination? No sir, I’d rather have movie directors as well as video games direct my every single train of thought. Not only that, there are always audio and video files on my iPod to keep me passively entertained. Does the digital age signal the end for traditional, leather bound books? The answer depends on how you look at things, but I would like to say an emphatic “No”. How do you get the younger generation to appreciate books? The answer apparently lies in churning up a light, slim, affordable, and a pivotally content heavy eBook reader that encroaches upon their generation to cultivate a love for reading. What better way to do so than enlist the help of Amazon?

Word on the street has it that Amazon will be releasing its very own eBook reader sometime this October known as the ‘Kindle’. It won’t be cheap though, priced between $400 and $500, but it will come with built-in WiFi connectivity, enabling users to hook up directly to Amazon’s online eBook store to download content. This translates to immediate access to approximately 700,000 titles for the end user, and obviously should Amazon’s Kindle pick up the pace, you can be sure that even more titles would be thrown into the fray in order to make the entire eBook reading experience worth it. In addition, Amazon will also bundle reference books with the Kindle while providing a range of subscriptions to feeds from major newspapers (including the New York Times).

Other than the business model, very little is known about the Kindle’s hardware. Would it use E Ink technology that works great save for the fact it lacks support for color and animation? Or will it use a proprietary format? Only time will tell, but I can safely say that libraries won’t get extinct anytime soon.

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