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If you’re fed up of having to continually straighten your beach towel out every time you get on or off your sun lounger, the Loungeabout® towel could be the solution. Yet again it’s a very simple solution to the problem of wandering beach towels – it has an elasticated top which you slip over the sun lounger and, to further secure the towel in place, it has ties at the bottom.

back.jpg tie.jpg

Having just returned from an overseas trip where the only way to ensure your towel stayed put was to actually tie the towel itself in a knot through the lounger, one of these would have been perfect!

An added bonus is that you can personalise the towels or, from a business point of view, you can have your corporate logo embroidered on to it. Talk about cheap advertising! It also makes for a great corporate gift, be it to your staff or customers. Just think, who would you remember – the company that sent you a boring calendar or the one that sent you a fab beach towel to use when you’re not even at work!

Priced at a very reasonable £14.95 and available from Loungeabout.net, and as seen in the BMIBaby on-board magazine.

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John Millbrook Says: March 28, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Perfect, but where can I buy one? There is no option to buy on the website 🙁

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