PS3 to be able to record digital TV


psp-records-to-tv.jpgLooks like the fight for living room entertainment is heating up between Microsoft and Sony, with the latter announcing that PS3 users in Europe will be able to perform both recording and playback of digital TV on their console – where does that leave gamers? I personally think that over-extending the PS3’s capabilities and functions does not bode too well for the high powered console as it might end up as a Jack of all trades, but I might be wrong. Of course, this news is accompanied by the unveiling of a spanking new TV tuner that plugs directly into the PS3, turning it (via some magical pixie dust) into an instant personal video recorder just like Sky+. This announcement was made at the Leipzig Games Show in Germany, and it was one that continued to push the mantra of key multimedia capabilities found on the Cell-powered PS3.

This twin TV tuner for the PS3 is known as PlayTV and will be launched early next year across various countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, with plans in the pipeline to bring the PlayTV to other countries at a later date. You will then be able to stream recorded programmes over a wireless Internet connection to your PSP, with the option to perform data transfer via a wired USB connection if need be. Currently, access will be limited to free channels that are delivered over digital terrestrial, making it the first console to support such a feature. Rival Xbox 360 from Microsoft did mention about using their console as a platform for Internet TV, but currently the Xbox Live video download service remains as an US-only service.

I suspect the PlayTV will appeal only to those who are knowledgeable about the PS3’s vast capabilities, but unfortunately that number is few and far between compared to the general populace who don’t need such power in their living rooms. The latter group will be the ones that drive sales should the idea catch on, but it looks as though they’d settle for a function-specific device instead of something as multi-talented as the PS3. What’s your two cents on this?

Source: BBC

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ed Says: February 5, 2008 at 1:39 pm

i think you always seem to be overly negative regarding any good news about ps3. S0NY thought ahead and produced an all around modern high definition home media hub for only $50 more than xbox and yeah, your right, nobodys gonna want it. ARE YOU GUYS OWNED MY MICROSOFT? the tide is changing my friend. at years end, ps3 will have the better GAME LIBRARY as well as a better everything else. but at least xbox will still have its RED RINGS!

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