3 gadgets from my recent vacation

by Mike

On my recent vacation, I went to a wonderful little niche gadget store called Gidgets Gadgets. They’ve got all sorts of tiny, neat, and most certainly obscure gadgets that you never really thought existed. Before you go running off to look at the site, let me tell you, it’s pretty awful; they’re supposedly updating it, but, in it’s current form, you can’t buy much of anything. Still, I took a few pictures and came up with the following 3 gadgets: the spy glasses, auto bingo, and the Over The Hill line of products.

Spy Glasses
These cheap looking glasses are indeed cheap, but they have one more gimmick. On the sides, there are tiny, tiny mirrors that let you see behind you. It’s like, forgive me, having eyes in the back of your head. Look here for a few different products like this. You can get them for as little as $3.

Auto Bingo
This is another very basic little gadget, if you can even call it one. Rather than the traditional numbers, you have various items you hopefully see while on a boring car trip. Other than that, you play the same way. Hopefully this will entertain the kids on that 4 hour ride to the beach. They’re $1.40/card here.

Over The Hill
Over The Hill. .
These are my favorites by far. It’s a whole gag line of products for the person that’s not getting any younger in your life. There’s such things as the Medial Alarm (a whistle), or the jumbo playing cards, or maybe even the fake parking permit. Search around the web, they’re cheap and funny.

Hope you liked some of those!

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Nick Burns Says: August 3, 2007 at 7:17 am

I’ve had a pair of those Spy Glasses since I was 19 twenty years ago! 🙂

Mike Says: August 3, 2007 at 8:46 am

And you loved them, right!? They’re awesome and ingenious.

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