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Anyone suffering from stammering will find that they have a difficult childhood as so-called friends and peers who do not know any better always take the mickey out of those who are ‘different’ from what is termed ‘normal’. Thankfully, advances in medical science could see an end to all this taunting (although proper upbringing at home could help to a certain degree in order for kids not to jeer or shun those who suffer from a certain kind of disability or handicap). MedSy has just announced the launch of the SpeechEasy within the UK. What is the SpeechEasy exactly? This is actually a revolutionary anti-stammer device that helps stammerers speak with more fluency.

Each SpeechEasy device is custom made to fit completely within the ear canal, and unlike other predecessors in this field, it is not as bulky and definitely looks invisible at times. How does it help wearers reduce stammering? It utilizes the ‘Choral-effect’, or better known as the echo effect, where the wearer hears his/her own voice with a time delay and a pitch shift. This will produce the desired effect of another person speaking in unison with the stammerer, and most of the time it will reduce the wearer’s stammer by a significant margin.

While the SpeechEasy does make life much more manageable, that doesn’t mean parents can dump the speech therapist anytime soon. It will still take a lot of hard work to overcome this, and the SpeechEasy isn’t able to counsel a child whenever he/she is teased at the playground whereas a speech therapist is always ready and willing to lend more than just a listening ear and sound (pun not intended) advice. Those in the UK who are interested in picking up the SpeechEasy can head towards specialist centers in London, Oxford, Ipswich, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Lisburn and Lincoln.

Source: Medgadget

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