The Blade Runner 2 mini RC heli: more control!

by Andi

BladeRunner 2Today’s RC helicopters come in two categories:
1. Those which are too hard to fly for most people because they’re just like the real thing.
2. Others which offer limited controls, but are easier to master.

The Blade Runner series of helicopters counters this by offering a dual-rotor design (no torque, no tail rotor needed) with an extra catch. The tail rotor is mounted horizontally rather than vertically. What this means is that you can tilt the helicopter’s nose up and down, thus making it move forward and backward.

Until the Blade Runner Recon is launched, the manufacturer offers us the Blade Runner 2.

It’s small and made of hard foam (just like the Pico Z, but is almost twice the size of it. The on-board battery lasts for up to 15 minutes on a full charge.

It is also easy to control, and also very stable. You have trim controls which will make stable hovering a breeze.

The manufacturer claims ‘full 3D maneuvrability’ but that’s pure BS. You can’t have that without a proper tail rotor and main rotor(s) with variable pitch. You can’t even strafe with this. But still, it’s great for RC fans, easy and fun to fly, and very affordable.

For night-flying fun, you get a white LED searchlight and an underbody strobe.

Given its higher maneuvrability and easier control, I think it would really deserve a duel upgrade.

You can have one for £59.95 (roughly $130). Head on to the product page for a full list of (exaggerated) specifications and a demo video. Via GeekAlerts.

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