iPhone, one week in

by Mike

iPhone running IRC
It’s been a week now since, well, you know, a little thing known as the iPhone was released. The reality distortion field is wearing off and people are starting to realize what they can and cannot do with their $600 telephone. It’s all pretty cool, and while you’d expect some (EDGE = slow), you wouldn’t expect others (SSH on my iPhone!?).

What people don’t like. . .
A few days after the initial release, people started to complain about a few main things:

  • EDGE is slow, and it’s silly not to have 3G HSDPA
  • Not having 3rd party applications is a big bummer, especially when Apple left out some key things in the iPhone software (No MMS, A2DP Bluetooth and more)
  • Activation can be a hassle
  • Non-user replaceable battery

Those certainly aren’t all of the complaints, but that’s the highlight reel for ya. Other than that, people seem to be really enjoying their iPhones.

I can do what?
Just like the Apple TV, the hackers have been hard at work trying to make your iPhone a little more useful. So far, we have IRC up and running, SSH, and even something called iPhoneInterface which is a Windows/Mac tool that helps developers interact with the iPhone’s core services. All sorts of other little things have also popped up, and I’m sure this won’t be the last of news regarding the iPhone. For me, I’m waiting for more storage, 3G, and 3rd party apps. After that Apple, I’m sold.

Any CG owners have an iPhone yet?

[Image via TUAW]

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