UBFunkeys – Real Collectibles in a Virtual World?



If my daughter ever sees one of these I’m going to be broke, the UBFunkeys, a vinyl doll thing with it’s own virtual world.

Yes, we know they look like highly collectable designer art toys – and they are. But these cute little vinyl creatures are not only collectable, they’re connectable. And by that we mean they can be connected to a computer where they can explore Funkeytown, the virtual world where UBFunkeys live and play.

The idea is to get started with the UBFunkey Starter Set. As well as two regular UBFunkeys this contains a large USB-friendly UBFunkey that acts as your hub to Funkeytown. Each time you connect a new UBFunkey to the UBFunkey Hub you unlock a new zone containing new games and puzzles. The more UBFunkeys you collect the more zones you can explore. And the rarer the UBFunkey, the more crucial the zone it unlocks.

You can buy UBFunkeys for that classic online shop Firebox with prices starting at £4.95 (~$10).

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