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Ah, presentations. Nearly everyone has gone through a corporate event before, where some guy standing in front is rambling on and on without any sign of stopping while you try to combat a strange feeling of sleepiness that has suddenly enveloped you for no reason. Other than fancy animation and sound, the only way a presentation can really catch your attention would be: – the upcoming tea break where they serve mouth watering savories as well as beer, or a laser pointer that is totally different from any other models in the market. We’ll leave the cakes and coffee for a later article, as today we shall concentrate on the Jasper Keynote laser device.

The Jasper Keynote is an amalgamation of green laser as well as radio technology, delivering the best presentation experience possible to your audience. It’s bright green laser beam is rated up to 50 times stronger than standard red lasers that we see being brandished about these days, and it is even clear enough to be seen even though you’re seated in a large auditorium or lecture hall. Bright screens aren’t a drawback since the green laser still looks outstanding. Integrated radio frequency technology and page up/down arrow buttons round off the list of impressive features as you make your way through the slides with pizazz.

The Jasper Keynote also works great outdoors, boasting a night-time visible range of several miles. This is great when you want to point out certain constellations to your inquisitive grandchild as the both of you try to spot just where Orion’s belt is. Automatic Power Control (APC) technology ensures that the laser will not be ruined if left on for extended periods of time, unlike standard lasers that are doomed should they be left on longer than a minute. A special 3-volt lithium battery powers the Jasper Keynote, giving you the brightest quality possible under all conditions and at all times.

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Meh Says: July 2, 2007 at 2:53 pm

50x stronger, so thats ~25mW greenie. That could light matches under collimation, or with a little modding (Remove IR Filter, bumping it to ~130mW) burn plastic and pop baloons.

That laser, should you use it for extended periods of time, (hours) WILL cause permanent eye damage. It is of class IIIb, therefore you and all who use it are required by law to wear proper filter eyewear. Figure $40 per person. Oh, and I don’t see a keylock on that? Must be European.

Those lasers are seriously regulated in the US. Of course, a DVD drive uses a 200+mW Red diode, that is far less fragile that that DPSS greenie… Drop it once and its dead, those neodymium doped yttrium orthovanadate pump setups are extremely shock sensitive. Alignment is key, and once its misaligned it fries the inside from the heat.

PS: NEVER rate lasers by visibility. Rate it by mW and beam divergence.

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