iPhone line waiters looking for jobs


iwait.jpgIs it me, or is the line waiting phenomenon just unbelievable? With all the hype surrounding the iPhone, a Craigslist advertisement (there are plenty more of these) says this:

“We have line waiters in every major city, for iPhone, Xbox, iPod, Zune, SPS, Video Games, and other hot consumer electronic products and concerts and events. Don’t miss out. We have hundreds of line waiters, so those who need iPhones in bulk don’t have to wait for months. Call us now! Release is on Friday.”

Now this is what I call a professional camper. If you actually employ of of them, you must be really hard up for an iPhone, aren’t you? I’m sure using your current cellphone for a week more before making the switch won’t spell the end of the world.

Source: MocoNews

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