Solar-Powered Floating Globe


solar-powered-globe.jpgSolar-Powered Floating Globe Shines in Every Color? I would say that the product title is pretty far fetched, considering how there are millions and millions of different colors available whether our eyes can detect it or not. Ah well, at least it adds to the appeal of the product. As its name suggests, this floating globe harnesses the power of the sun in order to light up, floating idly in your pond or pool when the sun sets while giving off a soothing glow that is sure to trick kids into thinking that fireflies swim and come in a variety of colors.

I’m a bit apprehensive of placing these in a pond though, since there might be some really big fish that you keep inside that might think it is some sort of food and thus swallowing it. It measures 5.5″ in diameter, so it has got to be a pretty big fish to do so, but it is still possible. Remember how a great fish swallowed Jonah? Anyways, I digress. The Solar-Powered Floating Globe houses an internal rechargeable battery pack and comes with a light sensor of some sort built in, since it is able to turn itself on automatically whenever there is not enough light around, while shutting down whenever light abounds or it runs out of juice. A white, plastic housing ensures the LED inside is able to shine through while displaying every single color in the spectrum.

If you don’t have a pond in your backyard just yet, you can always place the Solar-Powered Floating Globe on a stand in order to spruce up your garden decor. A pedestal has been included with each purchase for secure positioning within your home on a windowsill. With so many ways to decorate your home, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I’m not too sure about leaving it outside unattended though, since you never know when someone might actually trespass your property and sneak away with these lights in order to fuel their appetite for drugs and booze by selling it. Am I getting my imagination and paranoia get ahead of me? You can pick one up for $21.99, which could add up if you want to light up a pathway on both sides.

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