Sanyo PLC-XF47 bright as the sun



Sanyo has got it made when it comes to snagging the title of “brightest LCD projector” in the world with its latest effort, the Sanyo PLC-XF47. This projector is more than capable of pumping over 15,000 lumens (the rough equivalent of 10 times the brightness of a 100W globe) while displaying a picture within a 15 meter radius. The PLC-XF47’s technical brilliance is underlined by the optional ability to stream High Definition content wirelessly from a computer. Read on for more information after the jump.

There is a major drawback to the Sanyo PLC-XF47 though, perhaps even two. For starters, not any Tom, Dick, and Harry will be able to afford the $30,000 sticker price tag attached to it, and even with that amount of Benjamins dropped, you will only get a maximum projected resolution of 1,024 x 768, pretty much rendering the High Definition streaming feature useless by far and large. A quartet of 330-watt lamps are responsible for cranking out 15,000 lumens of brightness, and the ability to throw large projections up to 600 inches enables you to use the Sanyo PLC-XF47 in both small and large functions. Should the lamp actually burn out during use, there is a failsafe feature that ensures the show goes on without interrupting the image.

The PLC-XF47 is able to accept up to a dozen different lenses to adjust for room and screen size in order to accommodate projection in a wide variety of locations. It’s ability to eliminate image ghosting while reducing signal interference on LCD panels lie in the Hybrid Crosstalk Canceller technology, while Intelligent Sharpness Control will analyze signal components on its own, choosing nothing but the best sharpness setting for a superior viewing experience every single time. The Sanyo PLC-XF47 will be released to the consumer market this September.

Source: Gizmag

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