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Remember the Dick Tracy comic? The protagonist back then had one of the coolest gizmos around (if you discount Inspector Gadget who got the whole gizmo wizardry thing going) – a cellphone built into a wristwatch. For the benefit of our younger readers, cellphones weren’t something that was always around. They just started to make an appearance commercially in the 80s, where the user had to lug around a large transmitter wherever they went. Cellphones also came in a large form factor that could probably fit around 10 Motorola RAZRs inside. Gadgets maven Brando has made available the M300 wristwatch cellphone for all and sundry, so let us take a look at what this handset has to offer.

First off, it runs on the GSM network in 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 bands. Not only that, the M300 supports GPRS connectivity, although you can’t do much with that in terms of speed and the puny 1″ 65k color OLED display. Internal memory stands at just 60MB, enough for a few songs thanks to the integrated MP3 player but definitely inadequate for long road trips. Audio and phone calls are transmitted to a pair of headphones via Bluetooth A2DP connectivity, so you won’t see an ugly wire dangling from the M300 to your ears.

Audio formats supported include MP3, BAAC, BWAV, BAMR, BMIDI, and BIMY. Additional features come in the form of a built-in speaker and microphone – something I believe the M300’s owner will rarely use unless he/she doesn’t mind all and sundry to listen in on the conversation. Language support is pretty sparse with just simplified Chinese and English, although I believe the majority of people won’t have gripes with. Since the M300 lacks a keyboard, you can only receive text messages with this, ruling replies out. The M300 will retail for $305.

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Avi Says: July 19, 2007 at 3:59 pm

hey.. a little late for being so excited with the m300.
the m500 is out which can answewr sms with a tiny stilus pen has 128 MB’s of memory and few other spec’s the m300 doesn’t have.
just too bad they dont make one of them..
the m300 or the m500 with memory cards that would be all i can ask from my cell.

thecolor Says: September 18, 2007 at 8:43 pm

OK everyone… is up and running with a forum that is not closed (cough cough mymobilewatch). 😉 It should help you keep up to date with this awesome product!

Please run through things, sign up for the BB, and let me know how things feel work. I’ve run many a server in the past and still do, but, strangely enough, I’ve never run a forum. So, this should be fun. 🙂 Feel free to start things off by adding what we’ve discussed if you so choose.

If you feel there should be a category in the forum, let me know. There is a contact page that goes to me on the site. 🙂


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