Jano Bike is termite fodder



Strange to see how wood is making an appearance in electronics. It seems as though people are growing sick and tired of those cold surfaces that do not convey any sense of character or warmth. Designer Roland Kaufmann have thought up of a concept known as the Jano bicycle. This two-wheeler will be made out of wood, and has a dual purpose, being able to be used for everyday commute between home and office as well as making for a sturdy off-road bike.

Wood is used since the designer believes it is much lighter than other standard bikes, and with a stiffness up to 10 times more than fibreglass and nearly half a dozen times stiffer than a kevlar/epoxy composite, who am I to argue? Just keep this far away from termite mounds.

Product Page via TechChee

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Mark Says: June 14, 2007 at 7:37 am

I don’t know anyone who would call this an “off-road” bike, having only 1 speed (and a belt drive?) It looks cool, but it would be murder riding uphill.

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