Geek is the new trend: Show it!

by Andi

Almost one year ago, this was about as geeky as you could go, regarding jewelry.
Now, it has been taken to a new level.

Because of new trends, it’s now hip to be a geek. Many pose as tech gurus, there are many bloggers, and many people attracted to tech.

Being a true geek has some advantages: you can always be a mentor for these masses, you can be interesting – at least to those – and, of course, you’ll be kicked out of many private clubs because of your behavior.

If you really want to stand out as a geek and become a god for the young apprentices, you’ll need some strong, strong status symbols. Interested? read on…

Here it is! Probably the geekiest rings ever, they are available in ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’, ‘Del’, ‘Esc’, and ‘F**k it’. The keys are actually spring-loaded and work like real ones. Well, at least now you can reset a situation quickly when you get in trouble, right?

keyboard rings

clamshell earrings

But let’s not forget about the girls, okay? With all these ‘fashion’ phones, here’s something that really mixes fashion with phones.. Cellphone earrings! Cast in real silver! And not just any cellphones, but clamshells that you can open or close. And look there, they’ve even got a nice little stone instead of a display!


And if cellphones are too ‘out’ or not geeky enough, how about tiny floppy disks, also called in silver?

This really tingled your sense of fashion, right?.. Well, if you’re actually serious, you can get the rings for $89 each and the earrings for $22-$45 a pair (more geeky models available).
Found at GearLog

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Andi Says: June 12, 2007 at 6:14 am

Mike – i could barely resist writing about the apple keynote and about how crappy the iphone is and about their sudden drop in stock value after the keynote, because we’d been lynched by the fanboy legions… now, with the mighty mouse, apple users can finally [and this is the exact quote from the packaging] EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF TWO BUTTONS

Andi Says: June 12, 2007 at 11:45 am

nk, quits.. these rings are impartial though… there’s no ‘super(windows)’ or ‘context menu’ key either.

The only impartial key is clearly related to windows, because it says ‘Oh F**k’. It’s obvious why it’s not pictured, right?

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