String Thing Limbo gets you down



How many of you guys actually heard of limbo? The dance, not the place. Limbo involves grooving to a pretty funky tune while attempting to go underneath a bar without knocking it over, and each successful attempt results in the bar being lowered. I suppose this was the domain of the baby boomers, but apparently technology has progressed far enough for it to catch up with something as simple as limbo. The String Thing Limbo is a device that comes with a 7 foot string which is illuminated via the built-in backlight for you and your mates to have fun even in the middle of the night.

The base emits limbo music to get the mood going, and the entire String Thing Limbo retails for $24.95. At that price, you would have expected a much more imaginative game. Not sure if the young ‘uns will pick this up as older folks definitely won’t have it in their backs anymore to perform theatrics of their youth.

Product Page via Uber Review

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