Hello Kitty seeks out body fat now


hello-kitty-body-fat-meter.jpgI don’t get it about Hello Kitty and it’s stranglehold on people all over the world. How could a feline draped in pink complete with a bowtie across it’s forehead be universally appealing? Perhaps I’m just one of the few who can’t stand her sugary sweetness, but at the end of the day majority wins, and hence we have tons of Hello Kitty devices in the market.

This body fat meter is the latest in a long line of Hello Kitty-endorsed products. Other than her logo plastered in front for a cute look, this is nothing more than your average body fat meter. In addition, it comes with a numeric value health meter and a cooking scale. Each Hello Kitty Body Fat Meter will retail for approximately £25.

Source: Shiny Shiny

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