Ford Mondeo classified as “allergic free”



Spring and summer can be a nightmare for folks who suffer from environmental allergies, where dust mites and pollen do more than their fair share of wreaking havoc on sinus cavities, ears, and eyes – regardless of whether you’ve holed yourself up in your room or driving to the nearest clinic. The majority of automakers have been doing their part over the years to help minimize the extreme discomfort of allergy sufferers by adding in new technology to their vehicles, but Ford has certainly gone the extra mile with each creation, resulting in the latest Ford Mondeo being awarded the German TÜV Rhineland group’s “Allergy Tested Interior” seal of approval.

According to Dr Wolfgang Schneider, vice president, governmental and environmental affairs, Ford of Europe, “We are very proud to receive this TÜV approval and consider it confirmation from a highly-respected organization of the high quality standards of our vehicles. We regard it as our responsibility to offer our customers products that address the growing concerns about allergies. That’s why we aim to get as many as possible of our existing – and future – models certified to TÜV standards.”

This TÜV certification certainly goes a long way in providing an allergic free ride, as the car’s interior materials were specially selected to reduce allergy risk to a minimum, with over a hundred materials and components tested for harmful substances and allergic reactions before being used in the vehicle. Not only that, components that have direct and prolonged skin contact were dermatologically tested, so you can be sure your steering wheel, seat covers, floor mats, and seat belts won’t be causing you rashes any time soon. Certification standards were also achieved by weeding out materials such as latex, chrome, and nickel that could prove allergic in certain folks. Each Ford Mondeo also come with a high-performance pollen filter that prevents pollen from entering the vehicle’s interior. Sounds like a dream car!

Source: Autoblog

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micsaund Says: June 2, 2007 at 9:13 am

This is especially important if your shop mechanic has bad allergies, since he’ll probably the one most affected!

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