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by David

elecom ipod case

Of all the gadgets that we own iPods have to be high up on the thieves list for things to take, yet because of its size the iPod does not really make it difficult for someone to simply pick it up and walk away with, after all it only takes a few seconds of being careless and that’s it, no iPod and no music collection. Fortunately there are some solutions, one of which is the Elecom Anti Theft Case.

The Elecom case is similar to other protective cases where you push the iPod into it, but this case also has a steel cable and four barrel combination lock at the top end, which is the security bit. All you would need to do is find somewhere secure and preferably solid to loop the steel cable around and connect it to the top of the case; this can now only be released by entering the correct combination into the lock.

As far as cases go this one is fairly neat and tidy, even with the steel cable and the combination lock, they have been designed to kind of blend in, without looking too rugged.

The case it self is made from a hardened ABS plastic with a gel screen cover, it is available in white or black and is suitable for 5th Generation iPods 30/60/80GB. The price is $49 (£25).

Source [Shiny Shiny]

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