Sony PSP jumps onto VoIP bandwagon



While the PSP has slowly but surely blossomed into a pretty decent machine (let’s get the facts straight here, while it is an extremely capable device, somehow shoddy marketing and PR gone awry did not add to the device’s desirability, not to mention a lack of decent games until recently with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd), the built-in WiFi capability has not been taken advantage of fully just yet. How many of you actually use your PSP to surf the Web anyway? Fret not, those living in the U.K. will be pleased to know that telco operator BT has already developed some software for the PSP which enables Sony’s handheld to hold conversations with other PSP owners and BT phones within the Y.K. via VoIP, with plans for PC compatibility in the future as well.

When used in tandem with the Go! Cam peripheral, the service will take advantage of BT’s 21 Century Network that has been optimized for IP technology, providing support for both voice and video calls. More details regarding this matter will be revealed at the Leipzig Games Convention in August, so all you get at launch would be limited calls to the U.K. from home or BT-operated wireless hotspots (there are currently approximately 2,000 of these scattered all over in public places).

This might sound like a novel idea, but remember that Nintendo already came up with this idea back in 2005, although the DSpeak application was never released commercially. Does this mean an end to the cellphone revolution? I doubt so, as talking on the PSP just feels plain weird as it doesn’t keep track of my text messages and what not.

Source: Joystiq

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