Infrared Thermometer And Corkscrew.


Infrared Thermometer And Corkscrew.

Wine gadgets seem to be all the rage lately, with this one combining the simple corkscrew withe an infrared thermometer so you can see the temperature of the wine before opening the bottle.

This is the only corkscrew that, at the touch of a button, measures the infrared heat signature of wine and champagne from the outside of the bottle before you pull the cork, allowing you to serve vintages at their optimal temperature.

The talking butler is still my favourite wine gadget and as I only buy cheap bottles of plonk this would probably be wasted on me (I keep bottles of red in the fridge 🙂 ). However if you like your wine at the optimal temperature you can get the infrared thermometer and corkscrew from Hammacher for $129.95.

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