Wireless Multi-Player Poker Game


Wireless Multi-Player Poker Game

I’m quite a fan of playing the odd hand of Texas Hold’Em but it’s not the most gadgety of games, I have an electric card shuffler but still. This latest gadget lets you and 5 friends gamble away without a deck of cards or pile of chips in sight, the Wireless Multi-Player Poker Game.

The game includes a main unit that plugs into your TV and six wireless handheld controllers that allow players to manage their hands while keeping them hidden using the controllers built-in sliding covers. When displayed on a TV screen, the game presents an overhead view of an oval poker table and icons that show player status and winnings; hole cards and community cards are also displayed in addition to the pot.

I must admit I’m not sure if poker will be the same with having a pile of ever dwindling chips to fiddle with.

You can get the Wireless Multi-Player Poker Game from Hammacher for $59.95.

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