YouMail, individualized voicemail to freak out everyone you know

by Fred

youmail logoSo I called my best buddy from the age of 5 the other day, and this is what I heard, “Hey Fred! I’m kinda busy right now,, what’s up?    Short Pause,,,,Leave a message!” BEEP!!!

Doh! Did I feel stupid,, then I felt really cool. Hey, he’s set up a whole phone just for me (mainly due to the fact that I call incessantly, cause he’s super busy, so I just routinely call and sometimes we get to talk (its easier that way). I was fooled by YouMail!

The best part is, the basic plan is free. That’s right totally personalized voice mail messages (and easy setup,, apparently the trick is to set up a speed-dial key on your mobile to call the YouMail VM.  You can also use it to check your voice mail online!

Obviously YouMail is a sweet setup (it’s approved by my buddy and all he does is work on GPS systems all day!) Go get some (it is free, what’s stopping you?)  Just remember who told ya, (after those other guys of course).

You’ll know when it is catching on, when you call people and get that personalized service like,, “I know it’s you (insert your name here), so leave a message, or I’m not talking to you.”

Oh yeah, and you can totally block people too!  Ex-girlfriends, Mom straight to voicemail (who me?), boss (I’m working dilligently), Cobra Commander (Duke!!!!)

Apparently Gizmodo and Pop Gadget did a bit on them a while ago,, but I didn’t know it (I had to go back a way to find it).

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Tim Says: May 20, 2007 at 3:25 pm

That is by far the best cell phone “add-on” if you will. I have been looking for something like this. Awesome. And its free! Great find.

Mike Says: May 29, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Please stop beginning a conversation with the word “so”. It shows complete disregard for grammar and intellect.

Lauren Says: October 15, 2007 at 11:44 am

Youmail is cool. I just signed up a few days ago when I saw their new video on revver. So far it’s been a lot of fun weirding out my friends.

FLATLINE Says: December 15, 2007 at 11:57 am

Mike get a life this is the internet. Just because you were brainwashed into thinking theres only one way to write doesnt mean the rest of us have to be sheep and follow clowns like you. Ill bet your married, own a house, and celebrate every holiday you were brainwashed to by your parents.Your just another sheep following the rules and laws of losers like you before you.

Diva Says: November 6, 2008 at 5:40 pm

I totally agree with you “Flatline”

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