Sweatin’ while you work …

by James

The Mayo Clinic vertical workstation

The Mayo Clinic vertical workstation promises users that they could lose up to nearly 70 pounds by merely going to work. That’s because this vertical workstation is combined with a treadmill and allows for exercising the body as well as the mind – which must contend with a day long duty of sending emails, paying bills, and writing reports.

The prototype Tread Desk is estimated to cost about $1500 and is part of its Office of the Future research, conducted by researchers in the Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) lab at Mayo Clinic. They came up with the idea and built the prototype environment in their own office space after a Mayo Clinic report published in the British Journal of Sports medicine found an average overweight office worker could burn up to 100 calories an hour while walking a mere one mile an hour while they work. That won’t even break a sweat. And since the world is mobile these days, employees can use mobile phones and headsets to take phone calls while they are working.

Building on that theory, they have also come up with an exercisable conference room idea, where a two-lane walking track could allow workers to work out their bodies as well as their ideas.

Another upside may be in the realm of office fashion. Imagine an office where workers man cubicles in sweat suits and ties, gym bags replace briefcases and Nike’s take the place of penny loafers?

And why stop there? If the office exercise fad takes off, couldn’t under budgeted schools combine “P.E.” with other educational activities to exercise the body as well as the mind of their students? How about combining movie theaters and gyms to sweat to your favorite blockbuster? Treadmill sections at concerts and sporting events?

The possibilities are endless.

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tecwzrd Says: May 17, 2007 at 9:07 am

Can’t possibly see this taking off as it’s fairly hard enough to focus on work, typing, ect… Plus the cost is almost twice as much as most regular treadmills 😐

Why not just use a stationary bike instead which would be easier and probably cheaper.

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