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nikeiskin.jpgThere are some of us who like to take a leisurely jog through the neighborhood, sweating much less than the proverbial bucket while a certain segment of the community prefers to pound the pavement on a religious basis, cutting out all noise and distraction from the outside world by tuning in to their beloved iPod nanos. Music, after all, has been known to inspire humans to achieve simply much more than they thought they could in the first place, which is why sporting apparel giant Nike has taken their iPod alliance another step further by introducing the Nike+ Apparel that comes in the form of a running T-Shirt complete with a waterproof barrier to keep your iPod nano safe from the elements.

The Nike iSkin Running Shirt not only boasts an enclave to hold your music, but features such as zoned body ventilation and seamless design add to its appeal. The shirt is made from a mixture of polyester, nylon, and elasticine that helps pull moisture away from the skin, enabling a faster rate of evaporation to keep you cool and dry at all times. This makes me wonder what Spiderman’s suit (the non-symbiote one) is made of. The elasticity of such material ensures you won’t be bothered by chaffed skin even after spending an entire day wearing it.

The iSkin Running Shirt’s iPod pocket is located just below the waist, with feed holes for your iPod headphones or earbuds helping the cable stay protected. The iPod’s controls are always within easy reach, giving you a sense of style and mission whenever you set off on your favorite trail. The male and female versions of the iSkin Running Shirt retails for £59.99 and £57.99 respectively. Doesn’t sound as though the average Joe will drop such money for a running shirt. After all, they’d think it’s just another shirt and that’s that.

Product Page via Gearlog

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