EasyView scale for fitness buffs

by Mike

EasyView Scale
I’m a fan of the whole fitness thing. I enjoy running, doing some situps, crunches, push ups, etc. Because of that, I find fitness-oriented gadgets, especially ones that tell you all sorts of seemingly unnecessary statistics, pretty cool even if I never plan on buying it. The EasyView Scale is one of those gadgets. It’s an extremely accurate scale that will tell you whether or not you’re getting a bit heavy, just right, or, for those lucky people, underweight.

When I said this scale is uber accurate, I meant it — within 0.2 pounds to be precise. As I was saying, the scale will also offer up a few different stats for you. You can check weight (duh!), percent of body fat, and percent of body water.

Instead of reading all of this while looking down on your enlarged belly, which is certainly fun, you can read it all on the remote LCD screen. Once you’re data has been analyzed, little graphics will show you how you’re doing in relation to what you should be doing for a person your age. Hopefully that won’t depress you.

For the family of fitness buffs, the scale can track data for up to 8 people, which includes height, age, sex, as well as those other stats I’ve already mentioned.

Certainly this isn’t a gadget for most people, as most people are satisfied with the $20 scale from Target and the occasional walk/run. But for the fitness geek who likes to have all these stats at their fingertips, the $90 EasyView scale is a good (and sleek) choice.

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