Giddy up, we’ve got a horse to flog



Horse racing isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but attend any race during the weekend and chances are you’ll be seeing more money change hands that day than you’ll ever do in a single day at the bank. For those who are trying to wean themselves off the horse race betting habit (as well as others who are looking for a suitable racing toy for their kids) can always check out the Horse Racing Challenge Set that features a full fledged miniature race track, some infrared remote controlled horses, and a whip to get those mounts moving – nah, I’m kidding. You get a tiny handheld transmitter which is then used to flog those horses across the finish line. A fine start for kids who want to grow up and be a jockey.

The Horse Racing Challenge Set is pretty interesting when compared to different racing games, since you get to barge your competitors out of the way, cut them up, or even jockey for position as you gallop into corners. The handheld transmitter features a couple of joypads that control both forward movement and steering. When the horses are not busy trying to cross the finish line, they can be charged by connecting them to the said handheld transmitters.

Those who are trying to break away from the gambling habit will be pleased to know that the Horse Racing Challenge Set does not encourage gambling with real money, using a pile of ‘funny money’ instead. They’re so popular that they’re currently out of stock at the moment, but expect stock to be replenished when June 4 rolls around. You can be a proud owner of toy thoroughbreds for £49.95 a set.

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