Solar power arrives on headphones


soltronix.jpgIf you’re a huge buff of solar powered items, then the Soltronix Headphone Radio is just the thing for you. You don’t need to leave it basking under the sun for an entire day before being able to enjoy listening in to your favorite radio stations at night – no siree, the Soltronix Headphone Radio comes with its own solar film technology that is embedded across the top of the headphone and charges the internal Ni-MH AAA battery which is located within one of the ear pieces. With summer coming up really soon, the Soltronix Headphone Radio will definitely be a great outdoor device to tote around.

Tests have shown that leaving the Soltronix Headphone Radio under the morning sun for approximately four hours is able to yield enough power inside the battery to provide up to 19 hours worth of radio playback. The inclusion of a rechargeable battery is an excellent idea as you can constantly keep it charged simply by leaving the Soltronix Headphone Radio beside a window sill. Of course, you don’t need full, direct sunlight to keep this pair of headphones juiced up as a cloudy day will still be able to net you some power, although it will take a longer time to get a full charge.

Sound quality is pretty crisp on the Soltronix Headphone Radio, but that also depends a whole bunch on the strength of the AM/FM signals you receive as well as various interferences encountered. I must say, the Soltronix Headphone Radio is a pretty neat idea, and it would be cool to see the manufacturer include some form of built-in MP3 playback functionality in future iterations. Interested parties will be able to pick one up for $49.95.

Source: AmericanInventorSpot

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