Roll it up yourself!

by Darrell

MakiI love me some sushi. I’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snack in between.
The sushi@home Maki Rice Roller is a little gadget that gives us ordinary people the tools necessary to become great Sushi masters. Just add some rice, dried seaweed, crab, sesame, and whatever else you feel like and roll it up!

This little dandy can make Futomaki (fat, large, cylindrical piece, with nori on the outside) and Hosomaki (thin cut rolls generally made with one filling). I like the spicy tuna but you could put whatever you like in this cool little gadget. When I was living in Hawaii a little SPAM and pineapple would do the trick just fine! Ahhh SPAM, the nectar of the gods!

The sushi@home Maki Rice Roller comes with in depth directions that even the most Asian culturally challenged Westerner could follow and the roller is Dishwasher safe! Now if it only came with a beautiful Japanese wife I’d already have ordered three. If my wife is reading this, I am just kidding.

The sushi@home Maki Rice Roller can be found at Amazon for $59.99. Not too bad if you consider what it costs to have the professionals roll you up one! Speaking of that, for all you dope heads out there, the sushi@home Maki Rice Roller will not roll your wacky tobacky! Sorry.

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