Discreet television: The Plasma Lift

by Andi


For people who have a classically-themed living room but hate the classic CRT screens that fit with it, Auton Motorized Systems have created this old-looking cupboard-imitating TV lift. This way you’ll manage to keep the stylish look of your room, without that oh-so-modern looking piece of plastic on the wall. It’s also the ideal companion to that Underbed Plasma Lift in your bedroom.

Don’t be fooled by its antique look, this is not just a wooden box with a motorized rack inside… It’s actually packed with quite a bit of technology, most of it aimed at keeping the looks clean and the wires away.

I know it might be hard to believe that furniture can have technical specifications, but… here they are:

  • RF circuit, to get rid of the cable salad.
  • Only one power cable enters the unit, and splits for operation of the lift, the control unit and the device (s) installed inside.
  • Auton’s own patented ‘smooth operating’ Rack and Pinion TV Lift

Also, don’t get fooled by all the wood you see, there’s a welded steel frame below so your shiny TV stays safe.

For full details and even orders visit the product page at Auton.

Source: SciFi Tech

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