Digital Graffiti in the Streets of Brazil

by Nick

Digital Graffiti

The multimedia artists Liana Brazil and Russ Rive made the first electronic graffiti intervention in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last month. Inspired by the projection bombers in USA and Europe, artists that project temporary graffiti on the buildings with powerful projectors, they took a home made setup to the streets and projected animations and graphics on a stone wall.

The wall added texture to the projection, and a conveniently power shortage in two of the streetlights increased the visibility. Besides the pre-recorded animations and graphics, they made it possible for anyone passing by to draw and write with their fingers on a touchscreen and watch the graphics appear on the huge wall in real time.

The people walking on the streets and the cars were the audience to this first exhibition of electronic graffiti in Rio, and maybe in Brazil. We hope others follow this example soon.

Read more at Interface (translated from Portuguese).

Check out a video of this intervention.

Via Interface.

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