Remote Control for the Net: ‘Disconnect and Protect’

by Stephen O

Net Guard
Do your kids spend too much time on the net, are you worried about your internet connection when you aren’t around ? If so a simple yet effective solution to control internet connectivity at home has been released by Best NetGuard. If you need to control the amount of time your children spend on the web then you will be delighted with this fob which controls the internet connection by enabling or disabling the ether connection on the back of the home PC.

The device is comprised of tamper proof casing to special cable and is controlled by a small remote control fob. The fob which looks very much like the one you would use to open and lock your car – has a simple off and on button. In a world where the internet use by your kids is increasing as is the threat from predators, pornography and identity theft then parental control of net usage can bring some peace of mind. The technology is also being deployed by businesses as they seek to control internet usage by employees. The fob has a range of 75ft within the home.

The device is available for $39.95 from Best Net Guard.

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