Fuel cell RC powerplant, 1/10th scale, 1:1 fun, $1500!

by Fred

H-cell rc powerplantNow begins the greening of your toys!

Power your RC cars with Hydrogen, (for $1500) with the new RC fuel cell kit from Horizon Fuel Cells.

Sure, it says that its for RC cars, and the specs beat the snot out of the regular 7.2volt battery pack in your regular RC car, here’s what their site says..       

The H-cell power unit offers:
•High performance accelerations
H-cell rc powerplant
        •Speeds of up to 30km/h (20 m.p.h.)
•65-70 minutes of runtime on a single charge
•Futuristic body shell design
•Possible use in other vehicles or robots

At the speeds and powers they list, this looks like a great little kit for those of deep pockets (no, I wasn’t kidding $1500!!!) Check the online .pdf brochure, then head over to their online store, and get yourself all setup!

I’m not loving their RC car body (interesting, but I still want a classic CanAm style body). You can even see a movie of it rocking and rolling all over the pavement in a Zepplin mocking manner.

I think the blue LED’s on the fan units are a tad silly (or at least they could let you choose your color), but they do add a bit of spice. H-cell rc powerplantH-cell rc powerplant

Thanks GizMag 

Manufacturer’s site Horizon Fuel Cell 

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