Nokia N95 goes undercover


n95-spyphone.jpgBasically everyone knows that the Nokia N95 is available at local retail stores from this week onwards, and what a cellphone this turns out to be. In fact, calling it a cellphone won’t do it any justice. What the Nokia N95 is is actually a mini computer that you can carry with you wherever you go, featuring 3G connectivity as well as an integrated GPS navigation system to keep even the busiest person on track and on time for all the appointments lined up. At $750 a pop, it certainly doesn’t come across as cheap, but what matters is what you get within, right? Spycatcher has lost no time in endowing the already super N95 with an additional feature – its very own interceptor software.

This souped up Nokia N95 Spyphone makes it the most advanced one available on the market at this moment. What the N95 Spyphone does is eavesdrop on the conversation(s) held around it from anywhere in the world. This means you can dial a secret number which only you know, and the N95 Spyphone will pick up whatever that’s going on around it and transfer the signal over to you without the N95 owner knowing any better. Of course, the only way this situation can come to pass is for you to give your “friend” the Nokia N95 as a present.

The N95 also lets you know where the cellphone is located at the moment by sending you a text message when requested. Any SMS received on this N95 will also be forwarded over to your handset, giving you potential important information that cannot be obtained through a casual conversation. In fact, the Spyphone will even notify you via SMS if the SIM card within is changed at any time. The only downside would be an already expensive phone becoming truly exorbitant with a price tag of £2,702.50.

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sebaste mgimba Says: October 15, 2007 at 4:22 am

We are looking for cellular phone interceptor hand held .
quote please

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