3D Face Reading now a reality


bioscrypt.jpgSecurity in public places and access points have just received a boost with the VisionAccess 3D Face Reader. This unique device was especially designed to control access to different parts of a building while strengthening overall security, offering a quick and easy user positioning for simple use and rapid authentication in under a second. The VisionAccess 3D Face Reader is made from a real-time 3D surface scanner that works in invisible near-infrared light, making it suitable for both identification and verification purposes.

Among the most obvious places where you will see the VisionAccess 3D Face Reader make the most impact would be corporate buildings, banks, hospitals, airports and other types of entry points for the commercial and civil ID markets. The entire system is robust enough to be used as a stand alone system or to interface with legacy access systems in a distributed networked environment.

This is one of the more non-invasive methods of verification, but I believe it could cause some problems with identifying women who are hiding their face behind a veil. Perhaps they could throw in a fingerprint or iris reader with each purchase so that different methods can be used to cater for people from all walks of life without offending or raising the ire of anybody. The VisionAccess 3D Face Reader is sensitive enough to work from 3 to 6 feet away and works with existing physical access control systems, ensuring the building or organization need not pump in additional funds to upgrade the surrounding security.

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